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From executing flexible strategies to leveraging an advanced AI editor, our comprehensive suite of features is primed to revolutionize your SEO and content creation processes helping you drive your digital growth to unparalleled heights.

AI Transformative Toolbox
Packed with Success-Oriented Features

Dual AI Powerhouses

Unleash the combined might of Chat GPT & Google Bard for flexible, superior content that surpasses the conventional

Logical Prompts

Query search engines, extract data from URLs upload to the cloud, and supercharge your research capabilities like never before

AI-Powered Comments

Craft highly relevant comments using AI, post them on authority sites, and build backlinks that catapult you higher up the SERP

Auto-Optimized Content

Decode the secrets behind page 1 rankings, auto-optimize your content for superior SEO performance

Large Content Support

Seamlessly auto-split, manage, and optimize large content pieces without breaking a sweat

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With the ability to craft custom strategies and deconstruct extensive data,
Prompt Generator AI Enterprise empowers you with an unrivalled suite of dynamic features.

Automate tedious SEO tasks, cultivate compelling content, and leave your competition in the dust
with our user-centric, easy-to-navigate platform.

cloud platform integrations

Automate, Innovate, and Accelerate
The Power of AI in Digital Marketing

Time-Saving Automation

Leverage automation for repetitive tasks, freeing up your schedule for strategic decision-making.

Boost SEO Rankings

Optimize with AI-powered content that propels your website's SEO ranking sky-high

Elevate Engagement

Forge more engaging, relevant, and tailor-made content for your audience


Accomplish more with less, drastically reducing your content creation and SEO optimization expenses

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Harness cutting-edge AI technology, keeping you ahead in the competitive digital marketing arena

Is Prompt Generator AI for You?

Crafted with a myriad of professionals in mind, Prompt Generator AI opens the doors to a world of opportunities for everyone from SEO Experts and Digital Marketers to Content Writers, Book Creators, and Diligent Students.

Our platform empowers you to create prime, AI-driven content and uncover invaluable insights, no matter your field:

Digital Marketers

Revolutionize your approach with automated SEO tasks & compelling content creation,

SEO Specialists

Supercharge your SEO strategies with AI-informed keyword research and astute analysis

Content Writers

Craft engaging, optimized content at the click of a button

Book Visionaries

Bring captivating chapters to life, devise compelling outlines, and more

Researchers & Students

Expand your horizons with a versatile array of logical prompts and cutting-edge AI functionality

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Leap into Action

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Command & Conquer

Opt for a preconfigured strategy or venture off the beaten path and customize your own. You're in control


Set & Forget

Allow the software to run your prompts automatically. Sit back, relax, and watch as your AI-driven content takes shape, all saved for your convenience

Access a World of Expertly Crafted Strategies
Ready for Any Task

Step into a realm of limitless possibilities with our pre-configured strategies, each tailored for precision and efficacy.

Unleash your potential with prompts perfect for:

Keyword Research
Dive deep into the minds of your audience, finding the phrases that will bring them to you
Article Creation
Craft engaging, SEO-optimized articles that keep readers hooked from start to finish
Affiliate Marketing
Shape persuasive content that entices clicks and conversions, bolstering your affiliate marketing results
Ebook Creation
Streamline the process of crafting captivating chapters, structured outlines, and memorable narratives
Youtube Transcripts
Create accurate, high-quality transcripts to boost SEO and improve accessibility
Email Creation
Engage your audience with personalized, compelling emails that encourage action.

And so much more! Whatever your task, our tool is primed to make it simpler, faster, and more effective.

Dive into an Ocean of Powerful Features!

Discover an abundance of tools designed to supercharge your digital marketing strategies. Here's a sneak peek into the incredible functionality you'll unlock:

Prompt Automation: Leverage custom strategies tailored for any task, taking the legwork out of content & SEO efforts

Full Control Over AI: Harness the power of ChatGPT, Google Bard, & GPT-4, with complete control at your fingertips

Multi-Keyword & URL Strategy: Execute strategies for multiple keywords & URLs, saving you precious time

Real-Time Data from Any URL: Gather live data from any URL, Feed it to your AI engine to extract invaluable insights

YouTube Video Transcript & Summary: Get transcripts for any YouTube video, & generate compelling summaries

Superior Content Creation: Expose the top-ranking sites for any keyword, craft superior content, & RANK Higher

AI-Generated Backlinks: Generate high-quality backlinks with AI-driven comments, increase approval rate significantly.

Auto Optimize Content: Compare your content with top-ranking sites for your keywords, auto-optimize & Rank Higher.

Seamless Content Management:upload, save, & manage large content, Save locally, post to WordPress or the Cloud

Translate & Spin Content: Translate & spin content using advanced methods that bypass AI content detection.

Auto-split, Manage, and Optimize: Manage and optimize large content pieces without breaking a sweat.

And so much more!

With every feature, you're one step closer to digital marketing domination

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Updates Included?
Your purchase includes free updates.
What Do I need To Run the Software?
This will run on any Windows PC and requires .net 4.0 full version (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent.
What are the Bonuses Strategies & How do I get them?
The Bonus strategies are additional strategies that will be made available to users that purchase the Enterprise Plus version. For example, 1 of the Bonus strategies is a strategy that creats ebooks, it consists of over 122 prompts, and can generate ebooks in the region of 86k words.
What's the difference between Enterprise & Enterprise Plus?
The only difference between the 2 versions is that the Enterprise version is a annual subscription meaning you pay every year. The Enterprise Plus version is a one time fee which means you only pay once but get access for the lifetime of the software.
How many computers can I install the software on?
You can install the software on up-to 2 computers but only 1 instance will work at a time
What’s the refund policy?
We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk on your part whatsoever.
Will I need my own accounts on the AI Platforms?
Yes, You will need an account with ChatGPT (Free or Paid, works with both) and Google Bard (free). If you only want to work with one of the AI engines then you only need to create an account on the AI engine you want to work with. Existing and New accounts will work.
Do I need to signup to anything else?
Other than the AI engines, if you would like to work with the content spinning features then the software works with Spinrewriter, you will need to add your own account (it's a paid for service but it's optional), if you would like to upload your research to the cloud then you will need to add your cloud credentials, the software works with Microsft azure, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud (it uses the storage facilities which are usually free), likewise if you would like to post to Wordpress then you will need to add your wordpress credentials.
What if I need support?
Getting support is easy. You will have access to our support email. All support queries are usually resolved within 24 hours or sooner.
Are there any tutorials and training?
Certainly, we have videos explaining every feature of the software along with best practice videos that help you get the best possible results.
Is there a Facebook group?
Yes, you can appply to gain access to a Facebook mastermind group with your License details. All verified buyers are allowed access.
Are there any more Costs to run the software?
The software uses multiple platforms which are all free to use (only the content spinner uses a paid for service), You simply signup and add your credentials to the software. There are no forced expenses to effectively use this tool.
How do I get access?
Simply click the buy now button on this page for Instant Access

Get Instant Access to Authority Indexer

I still have some questions. Where can I send them to?
You can reach us at support@promptgeneratorai.com